New Year’s Resolution:
2015 pixels


Happy New Year — Billy Changer
Honey in Your Hips — The Yard Birds
Oaxaca — Froth
Goodbye Horses — Q Lazzarus
Hot Butter — Popcorn
Pleasant Cruise — Jakko Eino Kalevi
I'm in Love — Jennifer Lara
Bongo (great song) — Manu Chao
Computer Sex — Artefact
She only Sleeps with Me — David Byrne
Tornaado — Soling
Real Love — John Lennon
Sandy — Drips
Dans La Galaxie — Bruno Leys
Torri Wow — Nigeria Special
I Found a Peanut — Kid Congo & The pink Monkey Birds
Ohama — My Time
Amaralina —Quarteto em Cy
You've Got Me Whistling — Johnnie Allan


Just You — Twin Peaks Jame's Song
Motorcycle Boy — Courtney Love
Restless Mind — Flaming Tunes
Hairstyle of a Devil — Momus
Run — Air
The Coffee Cola Song — Francis Bebey
Show Room Dummies — Señor Coconut y su Conjunto
Self Esteem — The Offspring
Last Caress — The Misfits
Munipe Wa Kati— Zazou Bikaye CY1
This Must Be the Place — The Talking Heads
Boys in he Hood — Dynamite Hack
Cadillac — Hep Stars
Make Somebody Happy — Jimmy Durante
Auld Lang Syne — From the film the Waterloo Bridge


Let us fly over 2014 rather than letting it pass into the night.

Q Lazzerus could not have said it any better:

I've seen the sky just begin to fall
And you say, "All things pass into the night"
And I say, "Oh no sir, I must say you're wrong
I must disagree, oh no sir, I must say you're wrong"
Won't you listen to me

Good-bye horses, I'm flying over you Good-bye horses, I'm flying over you Good-bye horses, I'm flying over you Good-bye horses, I'm flying, flying, flying over you

I love you all.
Here is to a New Year.
With You.

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